Gravity Defying Photography [Various Artists]

Gravity defying photography is a very cool thing. Its mind bottling (Blades of Glory quote… Get it?)  how they create these images. From my research it seems that different artists do it different ways. For example Li Wei’s photos, he goes on location with cranes and a technical crew to create his, then uses photoshop to edit out the wires. But others seem to just jump (like artist  Natsumi Hayashi, who said she would jump 300 times just to get the shot right) and snap the shot till they get it correct. However they do it, I’m impressed. It’s quite awesome. Enjoy people!

Anka Zhuravleva

Natsumi Hayashi (She does a new Levitation everyday.. pretty cool!)

Li Wei (I won’t add very many of his pictures, as I already did a post on him a while back.)

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