Inside the mind of an introvert through self-portraits by Melania Brescia

An extreme introvert, Melania Brescia seeks to express herself through photography in a way she never could by speaking to people. The Spanish photographer began her career by creating self-portraits as a constructive way to deal with her bouts of depression. Finding it hard to create and maintain healthy social relationships, Brescia turned to photography to express her emotions, improve her self-esteem, and give her direction.

While Brescia uses the medium as a cathartic exercise, she doesn’t have a particular message she aims to convey in the work. Of her images, she said “I don’t hope people understand what I’m trying to say, if I hope anything, it’s that they feel something when they see my work, I really don’t care what. I think art is about feeling, not understanding.” [h/t]Melania3 Melania4 Melania6 Melania7 Melania8 Melania15 Melania18 Melania19 Melania40062