Kim Youdan’s celebration of culture through mixed media

By way of introduction my name is Kim Youdan and I’m a mixed media artist originally from Chester. I love the golden nuggets I get from your site and I am hoping to now contribute in some way. We are all inspired by art and what we see and experience, I hope my art and my story can do the same. I love to photograph my subject whether it’s people, landscape or architecture. I spend time composing images and gathering inspiration using my camera. I also really enjoy the process of post production manipulation where I experiment with photographs, transforming them into high contrast black and white imagery. This is the basis of my work.

When it comes to adding colour, this is harder to explain and the process varies with each piece. I may spend weeks constructing the collaboration in my head before building it on paper.  Alternatively, it may come through in a flash of inspiration or an instinctive response to the image.