Life in shadows by Jeremy Brake

My name is Jeremy Brake I’ve been photographing for 5 years, I was born in Halifax, Canada and now reside in Corner Brook. This ongoing series is a merging of abstract lines and shapes with the “decisive moment” where every part of the composition lines up together, to show the people around me only through their shadows. jbp_street_portfolio+(16+of+22)Throughout all of my photography I want to present my observations of life as-it-is-lived, being completely unposed to find beauty in the completely candid people around me. The overall goal of my work is to find beauty in the lives of anyone and everyone, I want to show the viewer that there’s no need or fancy poses, lighting or other ways of contorting people into an ideal. Life is ideal in itself. jeremy_brake_shadow_series-2These photographs are about finding beauty in the things that we often pass by everyday. Most of us don’t think that there could be something magnificent in the interplay of people’s shadows, but hopefully I can inspire the viewer to see the beauty in the little interplay’s of light and shadow around them.jeremy_brake_photography_sf+(2+of+7)jbp_street_portfolio+(11+of+22) jeremy_brake_newfoundland_project jeremy_brake_photo_newfoundland-2 jeremy_brake_photo_newfoundland-3 jeremy_brake_photography_sf+(1+of+7)