Magda Wasiczek’s whimsical macro photos of insects and plants

Magda Wasiczek is a nature and macro photographer based in Poland. She creates whimsical, fairy tale photographs featuring plants and insects in full detail and bright colors. By closing in on these tiny subjects, she allows the audience to get a close look at a whole world they may never have paid attention to before.

Wasiczek writes on her website, “It is not my priority to show the world exactly the way it is. There are many other photographers who do it better than me. I want to present the audiences with my vision of the world, this idyllic paradise of fairy tales. I hope that looking at my pictures would awake a child inside of them, at least for a while. In the eyes of children the world is always more colorful , fascinating, mysterious and full of surprises.” [h/t]In-My-Wonderland-5729ae9ce808c__880 In-My-Wonderland-5729aeab002b6__880 In-My-Wonderland-5729aead11ed2__880 In-My-Wonderland-5729aecb0d579__880 In-My-Wonderland-5729ef7a98839__880 In-My-Wonderland-5729ef7daa205__880 In-My-Wonderland-5729ef80a783f__880 In-My-Wonderland-5729ef77080d3__880 Magic-of-light-5728923a88a7f__880 Poppy-on-the-wind-5728924ae16bc__880 The-Lullaby-57289258ef586__880 The-power-of-colors-5728925bd65a4__880