Magical worlds created inside a 4-square-meter room by Jeeyoung Lee

Korean artist Jeeyoung Lee transforms her 4-square-meter studio into living images from her fantasies and childhood memories. No Photoshop is involved in these elaborate and colorful designs. Instead, the artist spends weeks and sometimes months planning out the real-life execution of her dreams. Some themes are based on her personal history and emotions. While others integrate metaphors from Korean folklore. You’ll find the artist integrated into each piece, lending a narrative to the visualization.

Beginning from sketches, she tackles the challenges of making realistic looking objects with the use of a variety of materials, including eggs from paper-mache, grass made of wire, and the use of a fog machine for that perfectly mysterious atmosphere. Having received a number of artistic awards during her career and participating in a hugely successful solo show at OPIOM Gallery in 2014, Lee is considered a promising up and comer in the Korean art scene. [source]jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-01 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-02 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-03 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-04 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-05 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-06 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-07 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-08 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-09 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-010 jeeyoung-lee-interview-installation-designboom-013