Meg Smith’s series ‘dys:tortia’ for ‘Defeating Depression: What Hope?’

My name is Meg Smith, I’m a fine art self-portrait photographer. I’ve just exhibited my series ‘dys:tortia’ for ‘Defeating Depression: What Hope?’ at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

dys:tortia aims to express how anxiety and depression has the strange and disconcerting ability distort thoughts, memories and emotions. As this is an issue that I know affects more people than would open up about it, I would like to try and reach as many people as possible.

This series also comes with an audio piece which really heightens the experience and makes the work an eerily immersive experience (although I would not recommend listening to it if you are of a nervous disposition or you suffer from panic attacks!!!).

'dys:tortia' for 'Defeating Depression: What Hope?' MegSmith_dystortia2_2015 'dys:tortia' for 'Defeating Depression: What Hope?' MegSmith_dystortia4_2015 'dys:tortia' for 'Defeating Depression: What Hope?' MegSmith_dystortia6_2015