Mind-bending landscapes by Jati Putra

Indonesian graphic designer, Jati Putra, takes us on a journey into other worlds constructed out of his imagination. The artist juxtaposes wildly opposing scenes and layers them on top of each other or bends them at angles that make us completely lose our sense of direction. The artist has a flare for taking familiar scenes and objects and placing them inside spectacular, large-scale environments that inspire our imagination and place us into an alternate universe. It’s no wonder Putra’s works have been likened to scenes from the movie Inception.

The Jakarta-based designer first made waves on Reddit when he posted one of his pieces, spawning a flood of copy-cat work, and even a tutorial. You can find more of his works on his Instagram at jatiputra. [h/t designboom.com]jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-01 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-02 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-04 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-05 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-07 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-08 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-09 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-10 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-11 jati-putra-digital-manipulations-landscapes-designboom-12