The naturalistic art photography of Aneta Vašatová

In my work, I’m focused on the relation between man and nature. Project Recto Verso (obverse and reverse) combines a world of technology and nature. It is divided into several phases, where nature is involved in the process as well as technology. Through installations and special imprinting methods I research inner perception of landscape. I work with participatory projects (Project Homes, I researched children´s perception from various social environment of home and change of its concept, then I exhibited photographs at places, where they live), special printing methods such as prints on cakes (Edible Landscape), on fabrics (Imprinted, Recto Verso) or billboards (Homes, Traces). I combine photographic medium with another artistic disciplines such as dance and performance Recto Verso on Open Air Program of Theater Festival of European Regions Hradec Králové, video (Traces, Edible landscape) or design (Recto Verso). ~Aneta Vašatová10960019_896938977023034_444886553353656725_o10861047_896938997023032_6059223554696264411_o10857172_896938993689699_2374114324030810119_oSpeed and simplicity – this is the motto of digital cameras. What disappeared almost from photography is a process: long preparation, developing negatives, enlarging etc. We are surrounded by visual smog on social networks, where photographs loose its uniqueness and emotional value. In this project I create photographs by digital camera, but pressing a button is the beginning of this process. Through duplicating prints, installations and unconventional approaches aura of photographic medium can be reinvented again.8ef2b2_8fa89b46f8b743fc84508054b13373ad 8ef2b2_5140db2af4624637aeacaa95c009cd1a 8ef2b2_046118919c8d483b9785c491aa14dad1 1888750_702025859847681_1162753135_n 10155854_771369926246607_8114213540438745284_n 10847555_897464620303803_2753067346534770393_o 8ef2b2_1b4d0309f4bd48d99df02ed9f9f195f3