Neon-colored x-rays of toys and gadgets by Roy Livingst

The childhood tinkerer in all of us would instantly appreciate these x-ray photos by artist Roy Livingston. His latest series takes us into the mechanical organs of toys and gadgets and he lays bare their rotating gears and pulled coils in eye-popping neon colors. Layers of components are highlighted and isolated through a selective palette of colors in order to show us the different regions of the toy’s anatomy.

And for a moment, we’re allowed to play Superman and take a look at the fascinating interaction of parts that bring the object to life. Calling his process an “artistic joyride”, Livingston is constantly experimenting with new aesthetics and techniques. In his x-ray photos, Livingston starts off with black and white x-rays and colors them digitally to produce the final pieces.  [h/t]©4NOD3_565_RoyLivingston ©23ROrobot_565_RoyLivingston ©Alarm_clock_565_RoyLivingston

©ArgoflexCamera_565_RoyLivingston-1 ©Crosley_radio_565_RoyLivingston_0073_Layer-Comp- ©D4Xrobot_565_RoyLivingston ©drill_565_RoyLivingston ©motorcycle_565_RoyLivingston ©raygun3_565_RoyLivingston ©raygun5_565-RoyLivingston ©RCATransistor_565_RoyLivingston ©T35L4robot_565_RoyLivngston-1