Olivia Bee explores beauty, youth, and growing up through 70s inspired photography

Olivia Bee creates dreamy and haunting images following her exploration of the human condition in the modern day. The retro color palette with grainy texture to the film harks back to the 70s and the rise of pop art. But there’s a sadness in looking back through time this way. As if we’re looking back at youth now lost.juxtapozoliviabee00Originally from Portland, Oregon, Bee reached a rare level of notoriety early in life. She stumbled into photography at a young age in grade school but committed herself to the craft and grew her skill as well as her voice. She was most recently listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for Art and Style. She’s currently 22. And she continues to evolve her style and explore the intersection of beauty, memories, and passage into adulthood through photography. [h/t juxtapoz.com] juxtapozoliviabee01 juxtapozoliviabee02 juxtapozoliviabee03 juxtapozoliviabee04 juxtapozoliviabee05 juxtapozoliviabee07 juxtapozoliviabee08 juxtapozoliviabee10 juxtapozoliviabee14