Ori Gersht’s Shattered Reflections

These photographs of mirrors splitting into shards while being electrocuted while also reflecting silk flower bouquets (yes, you read that right) may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!  Photograher Ori Gersht is widely known for his destruction and subsequent documentation of floral arrangements but in this series Gersht introduces an added layer of manipulation.

Here, instead of destroying the flowers, he destroys the lens through which the viewer sees the flowers. The buds remain intact while the reflecting mirror is blasted into smithereens creating an explosive, darkly beautiful and richly textured final image. I can’t stop staring at the kaleidoscope of colors Gersht created – it’s truly original and truly stunning. He counts Jan Brueghel the Elder as a major influence in his floral arrangements and lighting compositions and oftentimes replicates exactly Brueghel’s floral still life paintings. It’s an incredibly modern and stunning take on an old world master’s style.

Ori_Gersht_CRG_2-600x775 Ori_Gersht_CRG_3-600x755 Ori_Gersht_CRG_4-600x718 Ori_Gersht_CRG_5-600x853 Ori_Gersht_CRG_6-600x636 Ori_Gersht_CRG_7-600x450

via design-milk.com