Paintings from around the city by Ben Aronson

American painter, Ben Aronson captures scenes and moments from urban landscapes around the US. His works combine both a realistic and impressionistic style which create a unique characteristic in the works; one that preserves detail while maintaining a loose and expressive stroke. And he brings light into each work to dramatize the subjects as a photo would not.

In Bay Bridge from Pacific, Aronson expertly places multiple triangular shapes to draw our eyes to a single point at the horizon, the Bay Bridge’s support. In his paintings of people, Aronson seems to recall influences from Edward Hopper in his use of negative space to visualize a feeling of solitude and isolation even within a bar full of patrons and even between subjects sitting together.

Aronson is renowned for his amazing body of work. Aside from painting, he also teaches as a professor at SUNY Stony Brook and Cornell University. [h/t]Ben-Aronson1 Ben-Aronson2 Ben-Aronson3 Ben-Aronson4 Ben-Aronson5 Ben-Aronson6 Ben-Aronson7 Ben-Aronson9 Ben-Aronson10 Ben-Aronson11 Ben-Aronson12 Ben-Aronson13 Nighthawks, Delmonico's, 2010, 50x60 Ben-Aronson15