Paris rooftops at night by Alain Cornu

Alain Cornu’s rooftop photographs take us back to those romantic images of Paris we all held in our imaginations while growing up. The photos evoke a dreamy and idyllic city skyline with Victorian era details harking from the 19th century. Warm lamp light illuminates his images from within, often shining out from a building or lighting up a wall nestled deep inside the composition and under layers of other architecture. Even where Cornu allows for some elements of modernity to enter his frame – such as high rises peaking over more antiquated rooftops – he portrays them in a way as if the contemporary and the classic were in dialog with each other; complimenting each other’s aesthetic.

Cornu is a renowned landscape and commercial photographer currently residing in Paris. His photographs have captured numerous places along the French coastline, forests, cities, and suburbs. But on this night, Cornu decided to take us with him on a stroll to see the iconic city of Paris from a perspective both fresh and familiar. [h/t]

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