Photographer Michael Trozzolo’s Deconstruction of Desire

My name is Michael Trozzolo and I’m a photo and film based conceptual artist currently living in Toronto, Canada. My work simulates the idealized and constructed life that society has created and the despair which is felt when these desires aren’t attained. I connect these desires and despair with social, political, cultural, and religious issues which affect our everyday lives.

tumblr_nlkvmdldum1reprh7o1_1280As my imagery tends to be narrative, I find triptych work best as there is a beginning, middle, and end. As well, the number three has religious significance. I love the idea of creating a synthetic and perfect world within my images while contrasting that with strong, melancholic emotion.

tumblr_nlkul0gT5L1reprh7o1_1280I start off with an idea which can be inspired by anything – a movie, a song, a photograph, walking down the street and seeing something that catches my eye, anything really. This happens constantly, so I’m always writing down ideas, sketching, and researching. I then decide on a project and focus on it. I think about what story I want to tell or the message I want to portray, and figure out the best way to do this. I think about the organization of the shoot, such as what type of lighting I’ll need, the props, costumes, and so on. Finally, after thinking about the concept and figuring everything out, I’ll shoot it. During the shoot, I experiment a lot with lighting, posing, composition, outfits, and facial expressions. After the shoot, I’ll spend about a week looking through the photographs, narrowing down the best ones, and then finally deciding on the final images. I’ll then start retouching. Similar to the conceptual and shooting phases, I experiment and play around a lot with the images until they are completed.

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