The Singh Project: A celebration of multiculturalism and Sikh heritage

The Singh Project by British photographers Amit and Naroop is a visual exploration of masculine identity for Sikh men in London. The series showcases 35 portraits of men who express symbols of their Sikh faith with the added flare of their own personal styles, professions, and multicultural backgrounds. In Sikhism, the beard and the turban are two important symbols of the religion. Men will wrap their long, uncut hair (kesh) inside the turbans. Some portraits also feature other symbols of the faith such as a traditional Sikh sword (kirpan) or a circular metal bracelet (kara).172120-8872307-000_2599“The aim of The Singh Project is to capture the essence of modern Sikhism and to pay tribute to the beauty and variety of British Sikh men,” the project’s website states. “Photographed by Amit and Naroop in their studio over a period of a year and a half, the men who feature in this project are businessmen, boxers, IT professionals, doctors, fashion stylists, temple volunteers, magicians and a host of other occupations, all adapting and interpreting the Sikh traditions in their own way.” [h/t] 172120-8872310-SUN_6208_NORMAL 172120-8872314-000_0853 172120-8872317-000_2748 172120-8872321-000_3035 172120-8872327-MAGIC_SINGH 172120-8872334-SUN_8367_NORMAL 172120-8872337-SUN_9294_NORMAL 172120-8874702-SUN_7622_NORMAL 172120-8874706-000_2875