Symmetrical Portraits by Julian Wolkenstein

Nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical correct? Most people think they have “Best Side” to their face. Julian Wolkenstein created a series of portraits that show half of the subjects face mirrored as one. It is quite amazing how different the two sides can really be. Enjoy.


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  • Dear all,

    Dear all,

    I found these photographs, dated 2010, of Julian Wolkenstein about symmetry by chance.
    These same photos had already been made by the Portuguese artist Cecilia Costa in 2001 ( it was when I saw it for the 1st time).
    She was among the artists selected for the Biennale of Sydney in 2004. She has photographed over 600 faces and exposed her work all over the world.
    See (search Cecília Costa) where you can see some of her earlier works and they all involve the idea of symmetry.

    Thank you for listening,


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