The atmospheric photographs of Martin Stranka

Czech-based photographer, Martin Stranka, creates striking images that cross the border between reality and dreams. Set in natural landscapes alongside wild animals, his subjects wander through a make believe world in silent contemplation. Stranka’s masterful use of negative space and atmosphere lends a fantastical feel to his compositions. One that is both full of emotion and serenity.

From his website: “Stranka’s distinctive vision of photography is etched as a unique space located in a balance and serenity, while his sophisticated and rewarding images exist in that narrow window of a few seconds between dreaming and awakening.”

A self-taught artist, Stranka has exhibited his works worldwide and has been featured in numerous publications. He’s accumulated over 50 major international awards including from Professional Photographer of the Year, Nikon International Photo Contest, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Sony World Photography Awards, EISA Photo Maestro and International Photography Awards three years in a row. [image source:]5be3ac08e4ceff53c7218071f4fb1626-d1wmmxi 3655b1e28e1cb585c0d4495043fe8389-d2xmp7h bbdd2dd5cb417cad3c1d8b21c0bee7cc-d2zlojt between_us_by_martinstranka-d9w9e5h e265c37635fd8a3293091df4360d7309-d32cy57 i_can_hear_you_call_by_martinstranka-d9aetax if_i_was_by_martinstranka-d5hwgur somebody_told_me_this_is_real_by_martinstranka-d8vmbc5 while_you_were_sleeping_by_strany-d4bltz5