The captivating portraits of Mehran Djojan

Born in Kabul and currently based in Berlin, photographer Mehran Djojan creates whimsical and fantasy-filled portraits that capture our imagination and beckon us into its faraway worlds. He creates intensely emotional and intimate scenes using a combination of natural and surreal elements in every photo. Subjects will sometimes interact with the grandiose environment around them. And in other instances, we’re taken close up to the subject’s face and given a subtle glimpse into their moods and thoughts.

The 20-year-old photographer currently studies communication design but has been passionate about photography since the age of 13. At that time, he received his first camera and took it with him everywhere. When it broke, the loss of his ability to photograph turned into a painful but important realization of just how vital the craft was in his life and he’s focused on developing the skill ever since. [h/t]MehranDjojan2 MehranDjojan3 MehranDjojan6 MehranDjojan8 MehranDjojan9 MehranDjojan10 MehranDjojan14