The evocative photographic works of Eric Guo

Eric Guo is a Chinese photographer living and working in Hangzhou, China. His provocative photographic style with dramatic lighting and an outpouring of emotive mood betrays an educational background in fine arts. The works contain a range of stylistic approaches, sometimes representing a straightforward documentation of a person or group of people. Other times, the works reach into the surreal with duplicated figures and a heavy use of light and shadow.

Guo was born in a poor, mountainous region in Northern China and entered the Hebei Arts and Crafts School at the age of 18 where he studied oil painting. He became interested in photography after graduating and moved to Beijing to study fine art photography at the Central Academy of Crafts and fine Arts. In 2007, Guo moved to the mountains of the LiangShan County, in the north-eastern part of Sichuan province, where the ethnic minority group, the Yi, have lived for centuries. In that year-long stay, he created the series, Meisa, to document members of the community and their way of life. The visit would create a lasting impression on him and permanently impact his artistic voice. [h/t]Eric-Guo-1 Eric-Guo-2 Eric-Guo-3 Eric-Guo-4 Eric-Guo-5 Eric-Guo-6 Eric-Guo-7 Eric-Guo-8 Eric-Guo-9 Eric-Guo-10