The fantasy-filled images of Alexandra Benetel

Photographer Alexandra Benetel seeks to uncover beauty in all things. That’s why she loves to go exploring to find the right location for her photoshoots. She’ll often walk around the same areas many times over and try to discover the beauty hidden from initial view. She has said of her work that it’s given her a new set of eyes.

Benetel constructs rich photographic stories through the use of atmospheric landscapes and striking models. She aims to capture dreamlike worlds that carry the viewer into the farthest reaches of their own fantasies. The photos are often self-portraits taken on her aunt’s property in Australia, where constantly changing weather conditions add the perfect amount of mood and turbulence to her settings.

Benetel’s mesmerizing portfolio was chosen to be honored as part of Flickr’s 20 under 20. [h/t]Alex21 Alex12 Alex10 Alex9 Alex7 Alex5 Alex4