The fantasy photography of elliftheartist

My name is elliftheartist, I am a fine arts photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I love story telling through personal experiences in the style of surreal and whimsical imagery. At the moment, I am working on two projects:  Giant Stories II and Dream Away series. I can’t afford to buy giant props or buy the materials to create what I want, so I rely on my camera, the right exposure, lighting and composition. With these series, I have to sketch my ideas first before I shoot. Giant stories II  – Is my yearning to infuse my surreal style with fashion photography:

Vogue-Fashion-Dream An-Ode-To-Mr-Tim-Walker-2

I love fashion and had always wanted to be a fashion designer but couldn’t due to tragedy in my family. Dream Away : is my light hearted take on my ambitions to reach for my goals, become better skilled photographer, be inspired by what I find inspiring. Letting my inner child come out to play. Dreamy escape:1 2 3

I came across your site on my feed. Someone shared a story about the Korean artist who creates her dreams and experiences in a small room ! i was so inspired by that, I wanted to share my works!Bro-e1446533838128 dont-believe-in-monsters-e1445846234378 Fairy-Tales-are-Real-series-PAPERCUT-3-e1449490117590 Hello-Dreams-e1443883184915 rebellious-spirit-e1442975932230

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