The fictional narratives of Alina Noir

My name is Alina Noir (b. 1981, Romania). I was born in a country that was going through huge historical changes such as the end of communism and the adaptation to a capitalist democracy, and I feel that I am carrying its rawness and discrepancies within me.  I studied literature and history in Romania, France, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, and because of this eclectic background had a huge influence on my images, in the sense that I am trying to capture something universal about human feelings and relationships. I am quite reluctant to attach myself to one line of influences only, and one of my image can be inspired both by a medieval Chinese ghost story and by Escher’s infinite geometries. ~Alina Noir0 by alina noir (6)I create images rooted in art history and my personal interpretation of western cultural archetypes. I ask myself very often about the authenticity of my images, but I am nevertheless indebted to lots of artists and artistic movements that came before me. We live in an age of authenticity when most things we see are reproductions of other things. Sometimes while scrolling down my social media feeds I feel quite amazed by people’s capacity to produce the same thing over and over again.

I try to reinvent myself quite regularly. For one and a half years in my studio in Lyon I worked on 8 different projects which could all be reunited under the bigger theme of “Fictional Narratives”. I wanted to tell traditional stories, with traditional props and bodily positions. It was the first time in my life when I had my own studio and team and freedom of creation so I used it fully in order to establish what my place in tradition was.0 by alina noir (3)These days I am working on an intermediary project called “Interiors” and I am doing research for my future project, a more intimate, autobiographical one.

Until now I never discussed myself in my stories, I needed to put a healthy distance between me and what I was talking about. But nowadays I feel free to blur barriers.alina noir mythologies (10) alina noir mythologies (12) alina noir mythologies (13) 0 by alina noir (18) alina noir mythologies (1) 0 by alina noir (1)alina noir mythologies (2)