The nostalgic photography of Davis Ayer

The women of Davis Ayer’s photographs have a solitary and nostalgic quality to them reminiscent of a melancholy dream. The pictures are heavily manipulated with light leaks, double exposures, and solar flares to transform the women and their surroundings into other worlds.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Ayer currently resides in L.A. and will be showing new work at Book & Job Gallery in San Francisco Saturday September 5th. “Davis Ayer began taking photos in 2007. Coming from a background in architectural history, he was originally drawn to space, shapes, and abstract compositions. Under the mentorship of architectural photographer Casey Dunn, he was soon introduced to the world of analogue film, and artists like Steven Shore, Joel Sternfeld, and Andreas Gursky,” his website states. [h/t]jux_ayer_1 jux_ayer_2 jux_ayer_4 jux_ayer_5 jux_ayer_6 jux_ayer_7