Poetry of everyday life by Amélie Berton

My name is Amélie Berton, I am a French fine art photographer living in the multicultural Brussels. In my pictures, I tend to build an introspective world where characters release free from the mind’s constraints, thus giving voice to their deepest emotions. I represent our hidden feelings and fantasies deceiving the senses with the use of surreal images, playing with the duality of reality and imagination.

I find inspiration in nature mostly, I find we are ourselves surrounded by natural elements more open to our feelings. Digital manipulation allows me to translate my imagination and to turn human complex feelings into photographic language, to recreate the magic of a moment, the poetry behind our ordinary lives.11038478_782040441844082_8399743910808482198_n10400001_833673003347492_8737088864682115852_n10885315_754657374582389_4547762390610535301_nAmelie Berton - reaching the light(1) Amelie Berton - my vegetal spine Amelie Berton - i'll be rising again Amelie Berton - fire music Amelie Berton - by my side Amelie Berton - before the music starts 11813253_848102068571252_125994322788170333_n