The Surreal Modernity of Marcin Owczarek

Hello. My name is Marcin Owczarek and I’m fine art photographer living in Belgium…. I use photography and photomanipulation (digital collage) to create surreal images that are thematically connected with human condition and the state of our planet. My works refer to dreams, new technologies, globalization, unconscious, morals, social situations, habits, biological changes, overconsumption, overpopulation. All these issues have significant impact on human life. As a result, I create the image of the 21 century and the image of our current society filled with allusions, metaphors, allegories.

Marcin_Owczarek_GMOMy creative process begins with the voyage, because I use hundreds of different photographies to finish my work. (One artwork can consist of hundreds images). I gain them on my own by traveling and visiting as many countries as I can. Being “on the road” is very inspiring time for me. I have the opportunity to observe the rapidly changing world around us, talk and meet other people, take many sketches and write down my reflections. My note-book is always with me. Sketches are conceptual part. Step two is to use photoshop and give birth to what I wanted achieve in sketch. The final result is digital collage. It is always “tricky game” to merge so many different pictures which were taken in many places under different light-conditions (direct sun or cloudy weather). In addition, I am perfectionist and I pay extremely huge attention to the details. I want my images to be shaped in the perfect way. For that reason, I takes me many long weeks to finish new work. For example in case of biggest formats (80x200cm) it takes me around three months to finish one work.

Marcin_Owczarek_CASSANDRAI am workaholic and I usually work 12-14 hours per day with my new projects. Sometimes it happens that I work on two or three new pieces simultaneously. Initially I started from paper-collages and paper sculptures. I was at the age of 17 that time and I used scissors, glue and newspapers. With the time being this “analogue ” method was not enough since I had many more mature reflections and couldn’t find all elements I wanted in newspapers. I needed to find another medium to express myself. In this way I found digital photography and photoshop. I decided to follow digital-art, because it gave me physically much more opportunities to articulate my perception. What is also important, digital collage let me connect many complicated elements, many different reflections and shape them in coherent universe. I couldn’t do that in analogue photography or by using scissors. General conclusion is that, my style has developed from the paper-collages, through photography, up to mixed, digital media art which I present right now.

Marcin_Owczarek_DON QUIXOTEE_2015My current project is called “Paradise Lost” and I work on it since this year. The idea (inspiration) of new series were taken from the Book of Genesis. Once, the first Man and Woman – Adam and Eve lived in the biblical “Garden of Eden” (Paradise) in the perfect coexistence with the Nature and animals. The waters were crystal clear, the harmony was achieved. Unfortunately because of eating fruit from the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve were banished from the Paradise. Since that moment humankind became mortal, the state of innocence passed away, rivers were poisoned, animals abused, the present world full of suffering and injustice occured. This so called ‘mythical catastrophe’ is also known as ‘The Fall’. I decided to use this story as metaphor and conceptual spectrum for my new series. In this way title binds perfectly the ”fallen past” with 21 century and my subjective narration begins…. Marcin_Owczarek_EMPIRES_LIVE_EMPIRES_DIE_2014 copy Marcin_Owczarek_PARADISE_LOST_2015_ Marcin_Owczarek_SHIP_OF_FOOLS_2014_ Marcin_Owczarek_THE_LAST_FISH_ON_EARTH_2013