The Turbulent Photography of Maren Klemp

My name is Maren Klemp and I am a fine art photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway.  I studied art photography under professor Robert Meyer at Robert Meyer Kunsthøgskole, and I have been photographing since my early teenage years.

I have a strict rule when it comes to my work, and that is to never touch my camera without a concrete idea of what I want to photograph. My images start with a thought process that may last for several weeks, then I will sketch the idea, and write notes and key words about location, light, mood and post production. When I spend that much time on planning the image I find it much easier to get the results that I want.

10959356_1050079385008019_6356115632383045522_nI like to tell stories through my work, and I consider my photography to be a plunge into the darker sides of the human mind. I have always been interested in psychology and mental health, and many of my images are visual representations of conditions associated with mental illness.

The pictures tell about those who are gripped by darkness, isolation and sadness, and about relationships with close family . They tell about the lack of belonging, to live in a separate world that few or no others can enter or understand. It’s about the fog that comes creeping , which overpowers and paralyzes, the invisible disease.

10341745_1049585141724110_406224477170634379_nMy favorite piece of equipment is the Petzval 85 mm lens, because it infuses my images with a beautiful and timeless dimension.

I mostly use myself and my children as models, something that makes my images personal and honest.

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