Unconscious Commands and Judgements of our Century by Diogo Duarte

In Unconscious Commands and Judgements of our Century, a self-portrait project, I ‘perform’ different aspects of my personality in front of the camera with the intention of creating an inner dialogue of self-acceptance.

The staged photographs where every single character plays a role in the conversation, are almost knee jerk reactions to notions I have always been conflicted by such as sexual expression, sexual orientation and gender identity. From image to image, characters talk to each other in a constant swing between freedom of expression and repression.~Diogo DuarteThe Philosopher & The Dark Night

Aspects of my personality that were once hidden away, are amplified and exaggerated in front of a surreal backdrop so their existence can no longer be ignored. The Fool – and many others – are dramatized and imagined just like children would when trying to explain what they don’t understand. 1 q 333915_c7257dd39db342488762c847de85627b

part of Unconscious Commands and Judgements of our Century self portrait series


from the self portrait series 'Unconscious Commands and Judgements of our Century'

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