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In the network of cultural mobilization, systematization, modeling of the human reality and creating a cocoon of the cultural dogma, in an obscure dimension abides the atavistic human dimension. Along with treating the culture as a fetish and the human rational nature, the fact that the man is an animal creature can not be neglected. ~Dushan...

Shifting views with Bettina Schopphoff

Hello, my name is Bettina Schopphoff, I am a French painter and artist. I exhibited my paintings several years over Europe and the USA (Red Dot in Miami, Art Basel, 3F Brussels). If you want to know more about my work, do not hesitate to visit my website or Instagram.  

The Curious Pig by Anita Wong

“The Curious Pig” is an art series – a total of five pink toned washed out photos, featuring five famous pigs from our imaginations. Each photograph features a pig product that is widely consumed in the world but is rarely recognized by anyone as a product made from Pigs. The fainted pink wash effects in these photographs indicate our...

Sebastein Miller’s digital civil disobedience

My name is Sebastein Miller, I started Thou$and as a platform to express ideas and concepts. The ideas started growing from around 2012 and never stopped. This collection is called Civil Disobedience, the collection consists of 8 pieces.In this collection I explored digital appropriation using Adobe Photoshop to create each piece. The primary...

The laser cut work of Louafi Valentine

I am a French artist, mostly paper cut, but I would like to submit my laser cut work. My work has always been drawn to the representation of silhouette due to its delicate sharpness. Its complex simplicity and strong contrasted nature evokes endless depth and meaning.~Louafi Valentine