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WATT THE FOX – The psycheDelia video of Ehsan Mehrbakhsh

The WATT THE FOX video is a surreal color-overdose of a business man with a fox-head while waiting for a bus to go to work. Its a kind of “happy psycheDelia” travel created by the subconscious. The idea is to escape from the paralysis of dailyness and “normality”, sometimes just enough to close your eyes in the moment in witch it is not a...

Mountains and Seas by YidanXie

The Mountains and Seas is an independent animation. The inspiration comes form the Chinese book “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, a compilation of mythic geography and lore. In this book, there is a huge number of mythical beasts living in this fantastic environment. After reading, I took the method of mythical creatures construction and...

Create Your Own Animation

Create Your Own Animation

Want to create your own animation? Well you can at ISTORIES.TV. The animation is short loop, you choose between different characters and you choose what they do. You arrange the scene and timeline and your ready to go. You can share it with friends and some of the best stories will appear on the ISAT channel.    

Construction of the Millenium Falcon in 3D

Even if you guys don’t like starwars, you will still appreciate this amazingness of this digital construction of the millenium falcon by Francisco Prieto. It took Francisco 3 years and 670 hours to render using 3DS Max and V-Ray. It took 3,572,568 polygons! For those of you who aren’t familiar with 3D programs, creating something this...