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KKSTUDIOS has a fascination with the awkward and uncomfortable — to that end, they have an ongoing project where they are taking everyday, useful objects and made them into useless, awkward pieces of art.  

Electric Bikes with a Cool Retro Design

Electric Bikes with a Cool Retro Design

A family of engineers from  Barcelona decided to build beautiful electric bicycles designed like retro motorcycles of the 1950s. There are two models of the Oto Cycles bikes, which have a rage of about 50 kilometers and come in all sorts of cool colors.     via []

Dead Writer’s Bedrooms

Dead Writer's Bedrooms

A Room of One’s Own by Tim Bower Illustrator Tim Bower is a commercial artist and has been in the business since he was ten. These paintings depict great writers all having one of those moments of creative angst… in their bedrooms.

Surreal Artwork from Patrick Gonzales


Patrick Gonzales is a painter, photographer and digital artist. His surreal artwork is a combination of memories, dreams and fantasy. Gonzales, who lives in France, began painting when he was 15. He started by recreating the paintings of others while slowly developing his own style.

Hermès & the Fox’s Den, by Zim & Zou

Zim & Zou (Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann) are French based graphical designers by training but have come to prefer the tangible to the digital. The duo were recently tapped to do a window display as Hermes in Barcelona…which puts on full display their incredible talents. “This Carte Blanche tells the story of a fox who...

Summer’s Here!…Check Out Some Summer Art!

Well it doesn’t get more summer than a day at the beach.  So we start things off with American artist Edward Potthast’s impression of such a day near the turn of the 18th century; followed by Jules Brenton from around the same time in France; the Banks of the Seine in Summer (Tournedos sur Seine), by Gustave Loiseau; and perhaps the...