Category - Fashion Design

OZO Watch Concept by Anton Repponen

The OZO Watch Concept by Anton Repponen is a simple and modern design that shows the hours on top and minutes on bottom, and the time comes together in a classic hourglass icon to show the time. It was awarded the Red Dot Award for 2010 with the title of “Best of the Best”. I hope they produce this watch design, because I really want...

TIWE Watch Concept

The TIWE watch is an OLED watch. The unique and awesome thing about thing about this watch is that the white dots roam around randomly, but when you want to know what time it is, you simply shake the watch or hit the glass surface slightly and the dots will form the hands of the watch.

Nubeo Black Mamba

Nubeo, the newest luxury watch brand around, has chosen Kobe to be the sponsor for their new lines called the 'Black Mamba'. This watch is claimed to be one of the most complex watches made with the case alone being made from 131 separate components, not including the interior workings or the strap. It costs around 285,000 thousand dollars for the...