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The dreamy, nostalgic graphic design of Abstrusa

I’m a graphic designer from Berlin, Germany, trying to make sense of this world. My motives are often very dreamy and nostalgic, exploring themes from hipster nerds to tribe patterns, to depression and other mental health issues. I came back to working a lot with analog ink on paper fighting my way away from digital coloration to touch...

Luke Fenech – Graphic Art

Luke Fenech is an illustrator out of London. He’s done graphic art for all sorts of print publications, product companies, and online publications too… like Wired, American Apparel, Studio Toogood, and Wallpaper. GRAPHIC ART

Vasya Kolotusha – Digital/Graphic Art

Digital Art, Graphic Art Congrats to Vasya Kolotusha for his article in Zeum-Mag. The Ukrainian freelancer has a Degree in Architecture but made the switch to digital art and now works at a game development studio. Here’s a sampling of some graphic art he did for clients as well as some personal work…

Archan Nair – Digital/Graphic Art

DIGITAL ART, GRAPHIC ART Archan Nair is a self taught visual artist who’s into mixed media, paintings, digital and graphic art. Nair has been an independent artist since 2007 and has worked with all sorts of companies such as NIke, Sony, Canon, GQ and Vanity fair.