Category - Illustrations

Pierre Kiandjan’s illusions of motion

Pierre Kiandjan is an artist based in Paris, France. As Pierre is selecting color mixes, he aims to create illusion of motion, space, and temperature. The challenge consists in gathering simple shapes within complicated blendings. His pieces reveal a clear use of color shades and broken lines.

The illustrated experiences of Leon Lee

My name is Leon Lee. I am a Malaysian born Illustrator and Visual Development Artist at Renegade Animation in Glendale, California. I enjoy telling stories inspired by my travel and life experiences. As you will see in my work, I specialize in world building and background design as I enjoy creating spaces for characters to live in.

The real life abstractions of Alison Bignon

I display real life stories through my created abstract portraits. After drawing upon exchanges with ordinary people, it’s in my apartment in Paris where I listen to and transcribe their stories; carefully archiving them in what I call an “emotional data bank”. Then, using a range of media, including videoed performance...

The fantastical illustrations of Matt Lorentzen

I illustrate in the spirit of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, with a touch of dark fantastical influence that was anchored by reading such authors as Tolkien and Terry Brooks and personal favorites Souther Salazar and Howard Finster, who was famous for his covers of R.E.M. records in the 1980s. All of my illustrated collages have a story that I...

The Curious Pig by Anita Wong

“The Curious Pig” is an art series – a total of five pink toned washed out photos, featuring five famous pigs from our imaginations. Each photograph features a pig product that is widely consumed in the world but is rarely recognized by anyone as a product made from Pigs. The fainted pink wash effects in these photographs indicate our...