Category - Modern Artists

Lola Dupré – Collage

Irish artist, Lola Dupré does her shattered collages completely by hand, using good old fashion glues and scissors. The super talented Lola has been commissioned by Nike, New York Magazine, and Doubleday & Cartwright among others. The photo manipulations at the end of the post were done as a collaboration with photographer, Lisa Carletta.     

John Grade – Sculpture

Artist, John Grade‘s inspiring sculptures are generally built from natural materials like wood, plant based resins, or clay. The works are not just about the sculptures themselves, but also about the process of their eventual decay.    modern artists, sculpture via

Mark Gmehling – Digital Art

DIGITAL ART Mark Gmehling started out doing marketing and graphic art for awhile as a 9-to-5 – then became a freelance illustrator – and now he exhibits his personal artwork all over the world.  However his current exhibition, Plastic Relations, is taking place in his home town of Dortmund, Germany.     

Jim Lambie – Sculpture

One of Scotland’s finest, artist, Jim Lambie, has an ongoing exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery. His eye-catching and colorful floor sculptures consist of lines made from different colors of vinyl tape. We take a look at the Fruitmarket exhibition, as well as a few of his different installations form over the years.