Category - Modern Paintings

McCauley Conner – Illustrations

McCauley Conner, born in 1913, started out doing publications for the war, before becoming part of the New York advertising world. His illustrative paintings have appeared in magazines like Redbook, The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, and he’s also done lots of ad campaigns for fortune 500 types. Over time there has been an increasing...

Marzena Ablewska – Paintings

Art for Marzena Ablewska began as a form of therapy, an escape – and then developed into a full-time occupation. The goal of the art school grad is to capture and impart a sense of our the metaphysical situation. She was influenced by Witkacy’s ‘pure form’, and Leszek Kolakowsi’s focus on the human condition.

Anthony Cudahy – Paintings

Anthony Cudahy’s process for creating his paintings consists of first searching though old photos (news clippings, family photos), finding something that strikes him, then painting a deconstructed rendition of the photo.  Anthony lives in Brooklyn and studied art at the Pratt Institute. via 

Tollef Runquist – Paintings

Artist, Tollef Runquist, who lives on the coast of maine, works in all sorts of media – here we look at some of his paintings… which make you feels like Tollef is showing you around his town. “Painting for me is an undertaking of appreciation and inquiry. It is a means by which to engage the beauty and mystery of visual experience...

Travis Louie – Paintings

Travis Louie’s paintings are a strange combination of Victorian or Edwardian style portraits and strange creatures out of the artist’s sketch book. Louie started as a freelance illustrator, which wasn’t particularly fulfilling for him – so he made the switch to paintings for exhibitions. To achieve the old-timey feel of the...

Hernan Bas – Paintings

Miami born artist, Hernan Bas’ very literate paintings almost feel like scenes out of some really cool books – they are inspired by the writings of Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysman. Bas has exhibited across the U.S. and in Europe, and he currently lives and works in Detroit Michigan.          via