Category - Paintings

Meredith Mullins’ quiet moments of domestic tranquility

As a painter and professor living near Richmond, Virginia, I thrive in a whirlwind life with my husband, who is a fellow artist, and our three children. In contrast to the constant activity of my life, the unadorned women and girls in my oil paintings are portrayed in quiet moments of domesticity and reflection. The figures are a study of...

Bianca Berends’ portraits of childhood

I’m a professional artist from The Netherlands, I live and work on Curacao in the Caribbean. I am a painter and paint kids from all over the world. My work is colorful and characterized by a solid, bold and expressive brushstroke. I am specialized in portraits but I’m first and foremost a painter. ~Bianca Berends

Chasing the magical with Jonat Deelstra 

I take my inspiration mostly from my travels. I have seen parts of Asia and quite a lot of South-, Central- and North-America. Born in the Netherlands, I look at the world with Western-European eyes. I have a naive but also dark vision of the world. I travel the world to find leisure but also some kind of meaning in life. I don’t believe in...

The curiosities of Sceroz

I am Sceroz from Hong Kong, I love different forms of art, but recently, I focus more on illustrations, making handcrafts and tattoo, I think there is no right or wrong in art, it gives me space to demonstrate my curiosity of various life issues and  can comfort myself at the same time. Art is a self-healing process, which helps me going through...

Capturing our hidden depths — Eugene Columba O’Brien

My name is Eugene Columba O’Brien and I am an Irish artist who paints portrait and figurative studies primarily in oil, on canvas or paper. I like to try to capture the hidden depths of the people I paint while maintaining a minimalist approach. At the moment I am based in China and plan to create a collection based on my experiences here. 

The social aspects of people: the work of Eileen Olimb

I am from Norway and spent many years traveling the world until I settled  in Luxembourg in 1995. I love strong colors and movement, people and faces and I use it all in my art. I sometimes use materials such as news paper, old posters collected from wherever I go or anything that I can find that can be used in my paintings.~Eileen Olimb

Painting the optimistic side of reality — Netta Ganor

My name is Netta Ganor and I’m a mouth painter from Rishon Letziyyon, Israel. I was born in Jerusalem and grew up as an athletic and artistic girl. At the age of 15 I contracted ‘Transverse Myelitis’ – a rare syndrome which inflated my spinal cord and left me paralyzed from the shoulders down. During rehabilitation I taught myself...

The artistic questions of Ezra Enzo

My name is Ezra Enzo and I am a multimedia artist currently working out of Providence, Rhode Island. Born and raised in a many cities and countries, questions of cultural difference, history, memory, femininity, and identity are major motivators in both my education as well as my approach to the practice of art. For my most recent painting...

Exploring uncontrolled textures with Tom Glendenning

My work combines geometric, hand-made marks with more uncontrolled textures and patterns to explore the idea of controlled randomness. I want to celebrate the differences between man and nature, but also prompt a change in the way we treat our surroundings. Ultimately I hope to inspire an appreciation of opposites. ~Tom Glendenning