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Insanely Cool 3D Paintings by Riusuke Fukahori!

Last night, one of AIA’s fantastic fans submitted Riusuke Fukahori’s work on AIA’s facebook fanpage last night. I found it so insanely cool I had to hurry and show all of you! Riusuke Fukahori makes these stunning 3D paintings by pouring a layer of resin, then painting, then another layer of resin, then paint, and so on. The...

Threaded Watercolor Paintings by Katherine Moore

Hello everyone :) – Today we have some awesome paintings submitted by Katherine Moore. What I love about her paintings is that before she ever starts with the paint, she takes a needle and thread to the paper and makes her outline of the painting. She has a unique process that i’ve never seen before. So enjoy & as always, Live...

Amazing Street Painting by Sr. X

Many of you have seen the post I did a while back on Banksy, the mystery graffiti from Britain. So here is another! Sr. X (Or Mr. X), is a street artist out of Spain. Unlike Banksy, Sr. X does his art on pop culture, movies, and sometimes urban legends. Enjoy and be inspired!