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Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology

Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology - Artists Inspire Artists

Some prefer paint, others drawing, and others the digital…and some like to use typewriters. A new book documents the history of typewriter art–Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology (by graphic designer Barrie Tullett). It’s the visual story of over a hundred years of typewriters masterpieces.

Inspirational Gallery 60 – Typography

In Artists Inspire Artist’s Inspirational Galleries, we present to you amazing & high quality artwork from incredible artists throughout the world. Today we have a collection of some pretty amazing & inspirational typography examples. Enjoy :) Hampton Creative | 10yr Anniversary from Hampton Creative...

Typography Inspiration #2

Hello everyone! Mackenzie here. Sorry its been a few days since i’ve posted anything, i’ve been sick and haven’t really got out of bed much. Anyways, today I have another in the Typography Inspiration Series (#2). You’ll find some amazing typographical pieces from some amazing typography artists. Enjoy! And as always be...