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Nespoon Exhibition


NeSpoon’s lacy patterns can often be seen on mailboxes, walls, parking machines, power boxes… and also at art studios. The Warsaw based artist had an exhibition at Elastico Studio in Italy where she displayed some of her more complex works. We take a look at some of her exhibition work as well as some of her street art… ...

Book Art by Balbusso (2014)

Book Art by Balbusso

Elena and Anna Balbusso are freelance illustrators out of Milan who have been at it for about 16 years…and they’re twins. When combined together and activated, they become Balbusso. Balbusso does commercial work as well as art exhibitions, but they’re probably best known for the absolutely awesome, multiple award winning book covers...

3D Illustrations by Jerico Santander (The Four Seasons)

3D Illustrations by Jerico Santander (The Four Seasons)

Jerico Santander is a Spanish art director who runs a design company called Jerico Art Direction, and they’ve done ad campaign for all sorts of big companies.  They made a really cool 3d illustration for a Swiss Opera House called Zürcher Kammerorchester which features Thor as the choir director, directing all the different aspects of...

Art Everywhere Kicks off with Grayson Perry


Art Everywhere Kicks off with Grayson Perry Britain’s second largest outdoor art exhibition started yesterday — Art Everywhere — with all the featured works being voted in by English art fans, a sort of people’s choice art exhibition. 25 art works will be shown on about 30, 000 billboards for six weeks. Richard Reed, one...

Amazing Latte Sculptures

Amazing Latte Sculputures

Kazuki Yamamoto is a latte artist, making amazing sculptures with the foam.  And this is not your typical smiley face an occasional person at the Starbucks can do…Kazuki’s ability to create different forms seems almost endless. via [amusing planet]

Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology

Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology - Artists Inspire Artists

Some prefer paint, others drawing, and others the digital…and some like to use typewriters. A new book documents the history of typewriter art–Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology (by graphic designer Barrie Tullett). It’s the visual story of over a hundred years of typewriters masterpieces.