Eduardo Recife explores the inner-workings of man through collage

My collage work is full of vintage imagery, symbols, textures and doodles. Everything is put together in order to tell a story, much like in a dream language where so many symbols, memories and archetypes creates a personal message for each one of us. Most of my work themes relate to man’s inner conflicts and the exposure of his heart. The final result is a mixture of concept and intuition working together; and not rare hidden words and imagery are there for those who seek for it! ~ www.eduardorecife.comasleep-182559@2x death_to_self-1321@2x inyourgarden-181556@2x joy-184565@2x memories-3066@2x reachingpeacefulwaters1-191586@2x samadhi00-192587@2x the_pleasures-4296@2x things_will_get_better-47109@2x x-51117@2x z