A look behind the mind with Alexandra Gallagher

My background is mainly in painting, and oil painting in particular. I used to paint portraiture when I first started out, but I found it creatively limiting, and I was becoming frustrated, I needed to explore more conceptually, building on what I could do and to push myself further. I sort of fell accidentally into digital collage; it wasn’t something I had planned to do, but something that seemed to find me. It interrelated nicely with my existing skill-set and was a medium malleable enough to keep up with the way I think. ~Alexandra Gallagher 1002a9_00f606b85e62466fb4008b708644f4b6 My mind is always an indefatigable creature and I need a way of expressing that can match that, but the foundation of my art has always been rooted in painting. The rules and principles of painting, along with the history, give me the necessary parameters of tradition and structure.  I source and select images through web search engines, and rework them to tell new, possibly impossible narratives, which draw heavily on surrealism. All my work is by nature visceral and organic, I actively avoid the temptation to methodically produce work, as I prefer to to work in a more fluid manner, tapping into the impracticable space behind the mind. I love every aspect of creativity and I think this reflects in the versatility of my work.  1002a9_1ffe6de82c974609bfbfb32b6c5334ed 1002a9_9a463bc874f645e0b19a29ef28d8711e 1002a9_853094a7ce204c65aa1d572737de53fe 1002a9_7533418413ef470fbd0903a04aeb6178~mv2 1002a9_b1d4487e07a244839510679cc112c102 1002a9_d9c858fd042b450c8c97bfa735e85f26