Micaela Lattanzio Cuts Apart Portraits and Builds Them Back In New Forms

In her latest work, Fragmenta, Micaela Lattanzio takes photo portraits of her subjects and cuts them into smaller pieces in order to reconstruct them as something completely new. After cutting the portraits into fragments, she pins each piece together on a canvas to form a new composition. In some portraits, the fragments seem to dissipate upward as if the figure were evaporating or taking flight. In others, Lattanzio uses the fragments to create striking split images as though in dialog with the viewer or with itself. It’s as if the technical process of destruction and reformation used in this work is a reflection for one’s own feelings of fragmentation and a shifting sense of identity.

Lattanzio is showcasing her work in an exhibition called “Fragmenta” at Ma’ Showroom (Largo S. Agostino, Montefalco, Italy) from March 21 through May 21.  [h/t design-milk.com]

1-Fragmenta-Micaela-lattanzio-600x600 2-Fragmenta-Micaela-lattanzio-600x619 3-Fragmenta-Micaela-lattanzio-600x609 4-Fragmenta-Micaela-lattanzio-600x882 6-Fragmenta-Micaela-lattanzio-600x418 7-Fragmenta-Micaela-lattanzio-600x805 8-Fragmenta-Micaela-lattanzio-600x490