The politically charged collages of Luca Mendieta

My name is Luca Mendieta. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Spain. I started to make collages some years ago when I was studying Graphic Design at School of Arts of Guadalajara. Years later Ive retaken this kind of technique the classic way, with scissors and glue, cutting off pieces of paper from old magazines and pasting them on sheets. Months later I tried to make different collages with my computer using digitalized old illustrations.Barbie
 I think the collage is the best way to transmit an ironic point of view. I like using specially old illustrations from the XIX century because of the delicate aesthetic style which contrasts with all excesses of later compositions. Nowadays, I´m working continously on an editorial illustration portfolio to illustrate opinion articles in Magazines.Pena de muerte1984 Alice2 Caperucita2 España España5 Future TechiesPeacetime SombreroVoyager Musica prueba 3RoboticaIrene3