Sublime juxtapositions by Gloria Sánchez

My name is Gloria Sánchez and I’m Spanish illustrator and designer based in Czech Republic. My work basically consist in photomontage/collage of old illustrations publications to create surreal and whimsical artworks inspired by the modern day society which the viewer can create his or her own narrative. The process starts by collecting vintage images from the public domain. Once I have hundreds of them, I scroll from picture to picture until something happened in my mind. I can see very fast what I want to create, but I have to be in silence, in very quiet and almost in meditative state. Sometimes I have flashbacks from my dreams and then I start to juxtapose the images to recreate them.~Gloria Sánchez

Influenced by pop art, dada or futurism, I try to show to the viewer a new way to seeing the world putting together aspects of surrealism, mysticism and psychedelia in sublime juxtapositions to create a magical artwork where the Universe is almost always present…0db64533445509.56ab40e083d59 1e4c9c33445509.56ab40e080d6c 5db80b33955422.56be12421ad6e 7d2b7833955422.56be124213c1d 015ac217310037.56aa141528b6a 93a4f833955422.56be12421c225 b9491e33955422.56be124212511 bc8fce33445509.56ab40e07e6fa d9b36933955422.56be1242151f9 d3072a33955422.56be124219571 d8235a33955422.56be124217f4a