The deconstructive collages of Milo Matthieu

My collages are a process of discovery. I start with one photo then the work goes through a kind of metamorphosis, that causes all of the elements of that collage to come alive. It could start with any kind of photo- I begin to manipulate the photo and add color. I’ve always been very sensitive to color- it’s very important to me. The colors that I choose and items that I add are the ones that I feel compliment and enhance the photograph. Colors can set a tone for the photo and they can also create a deeper story than the original photograph created.

When it comes to meaning, I generally don’t start projects with an idea or theme. I let the colors I choose create the story. At the end, a meaning is created, a meaning that holds a different story for everyone. My collages present the simplicity and also reveal the complexity behind the images. Each color, letter or object effectively enhances and manipulates perception. As an artist, what is most important, is that my art evoke a feeling of of familiarity, independent of what the viewer thinks that I am representing. ~Milo Matthieubear+insta c FionaInsta+copy husbandwife+Insta Missonary n natasha+site+new pricesstatus v x yob+insta+ii+copy z