The Freestyle Art of SCHILANZER

Hello Artists Inspire Artists, We are SCHILANZER, team of two artists/photographers. We are HK Schilanzer and MK Schilanzer. We are travellers, currently in Paris, France but both born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
_tumblr_schilanzer_026_jpegSchilanzer art has no particular style, we prefer to call it freestyle art made on photography basis. Schilanzer technique influenced by photo collage, iconography and magazine illustration.
_tumblr_schilanzer_017_jpegOur philosophy: “Give a second chance to your useless photos”.Most of the images came from our archive of the photos that we did not used. We recycle them to create something new.

_tumblr_schilanzer_014_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_012_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_011_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_010_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_009_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_008_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_006_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_005_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_002_jpeg _tumblr_schilanzer_001_jpeg