The musically inspired collages of Jolene Casko

My name is Jolene Casko. I am a 32 year old digital artist and collage-maker from Pennsylvania. I made my first collage 20 years ago, at the age of 12, and have been in love with the art form ever since. My first collages were made mostly out of clippings from magazines. Though I still do hand-made collages from time to time, I have since discovered Photoshop, and prefer to create my collages digitally.12651324_1724119657811038_6786681242669334081_n
 My art is often inspired by music. My favourite way to create art is by turning on music, letting a song evoke emotion within me, and then creating a surreal scene that expresses the emotion. Collage is the perfect art form for this because the art is made of layers upon layers, just as emotions are. 12592499_1726633454226325_6979493650235008653_n 12509819_1720243211532016_6967958242640730812_n 12509713_1719667391589598_3823813270956101864_n 12366202_1711628815726789_7582238343868661511_n 12243109_1704398926449778_1858676796869534218_n 12241587_1704664143089923_5634663387577262260_n 12196078_1699063043650033_6237118081843453497_n 11816867_1676417085914629_1410914901908961260_n 535330_1724380151118322_4921462903148636058_n