The mysteriously dark collages by Rocío Montoya

Beginning with a portrait photograph, Rocío Montoya invents a whole surreal universe encompassed inside their heads and bodies through the use of collage. Her experimental portraits transform reality and appear to give us a glimpse inside the minds of the subject.

Blooms and landscapes grow out of their heads or peek through from within their form as if their thoughts and emotions had come to life and are spilling out. The effect creates a feeling of delicacy and in some cases, the portraits veer into a darker place.

Montoya describes her work as delving into the subconscious and she sees her works as mirages that project a parallel reality through aesthetic experiences. [h/t]Rocío-Montoya Rocío-Montoya2 Rocío-Montoya3 Rocío-Montoya4 Rocío-Montoya5 Rocío-Montoya6 Rocío-Montoya7 Rocío-Montoya8