The unbelievable collage works of Ysbel LeMay

Hundreds of individual photographs go into creating just one of Ysbel LeMay’s nature-based collages. The Canadian artist will combine fragments of plants with animals, and natural elements to create stunning “panoramas of natural splendour” that transport the viewer into a whole other world.

During 15 years of working in the advertising industry, LeMay honed her talent for visual expression. But desiring a more creative path, she began to pursue first painting and then photography. She traveled extensively to build up the library of photographic works she uses in her collages today. While LeMay’s process for each piece is highly meticulous, the beginnings are always organic. She begins with a single inspiration – an image, a color, or an emotion perhaps. Then builds on that simple starting point by tapping into her treasure trove of memories captured in film. [h/t:]ysabellemay2 ysabellemay2 ysabellemay3 ysabellemay3 ysabellemay4 ysabellemay4 ysabellemay5 ysabellemay6 ysabellemay10 ysabellemay11 ysabellemay12 ysabellemay13 ysabellemay15 ysabellemay16